Gethin Woods, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales



We have lovingly created an incredible network of trails for riders of all abilities at BikePark Wales. Swooping, bermed runs, tight gnarly rock sections, jump trails, drop offs, a pump track and even a family specific loop. We are the only venue in the UK to have a professional trail crew maintaining and building new trail all the time. Due to this, we may occasionally need to close sections of trail whilst we work on them.

Trail Qualifiers

What are trail qualifiers?
All trails above Blue grade start with a Qualifier feature, these are indicated by this ‘qualifier’ symbol -

Qualifier features are generally not rollable and help to indicate the level of difficulty and rider skill required to tackle the trail, bear in mind there may be more challenging features beyond the trail qualifier. Please look before you ride and don’t attempt trails above your level of ability.

It should be noted that due to the location of qualifiers at, or very near the start of trails, it is not possible to replicate the hardest features that may be encountered on a trail (due to the hill being flattest on top and steeper further down the slope), therefore a qualifier is simply an indication of the type of features you may encounter and the type of skills that you will need in order to be able to ride the trail. If you do not like the look of the qualifier (or choose to push around it) you will not be competent to ride the rest of the trail.

Plus Trails

What are Plus trails?
Some trails in the park will be highlighted with a sign to identify that they are ‘plus’ trails.
trails feature a high frequency of BikePark style features such as jumps, drops or gaps that require, or actively encourage, a rider’s wheels to leave the ground.

Without the necessary jumping ability, these trails will pose a consistently higher level of risk.
The trails are colour graded as usual to denote the extent of the challenge of the bikepark style jump and drop features; the colour of the plus symbol will relate to the trail grade. Only ride trails at the appropriate level of difficulty for your ability. Standard graded trails may include some of these features but not to the same frequency, scale or focus as a plus graded trail. Look out for the symbol on the trail maps and trail name boards to help you decide if it is a suitable trail for you.

Trail List

Beginner Trails ?
b1 Badgers Run 1km
Intermediate Trails ?
i1 Sixtapod 2.2km
i2 Willy Waver 1.7km
i3 Melted Welly 1.8km
i4 Blue Belle 1.5km
i5 Norkle 1.1km
i6 Bush Wacker 0.6km
i7 Terry's Belly - closed 4.6km
i8  Popty Ping 0.55km
Advanced Trails ?
a1 Locomotion 0.3km
a2 Wibbly Wobbly 1.5km
a3 Rim Dinger 1.2km
a4 Vicious Valley 1.2km
a5 Bonneyville 0.3km
a6  Insufficient Funds 0.8km
a7  A470 line 0.9km
a8 HotStepper 1.6km
a9 Surfin' Bird 0.45km
a10 Root Manoeuvres 2.5km
Expert Trails ?
e1  Enter The Dragon 0.9km
e2 Dai Hard 1km
e3 Pork Belly 0.3km
e4 Coal not Dole 0.4km
e5 Deep Navigation 0.3km
e6 Zut Alors 0.3km
e7 Half Cut 0.3km
e8 Rock 'n' Roll 0.2km
e9 50 Shades of Black 1.8km
e10  Hard Shoulder 0.2km
e11 Escort 0.4km
Pro Lines ?
p1  Trail X 0.1km
p2  Join the Dots 0.3km

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