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The concept is simple, picture a ski resort, remove the snow and replace the pistes with an array of sweeping flowy bike trails meandering to the bottom of the mountain and you are close.  Add a bunch of adrenalin and big sprinkle of fun and you are pretty much there. BikePark Wales is an exhilarating  way to spend your day in the Welsh mountains.  

For beginner mountain bikers through to seasoned downhill pro's, BikePark Wales will offer you an incredible experience unlike anything else in the UK.  We have the longest green and blue graded descents in the UK offering unbelievable fun and a perfect opportunity to progress for beginner and intermediate riders. With over 40 trails to choose from even the best riders will spend several blissfully adrenaline filled days exploring our hugely diverse trail network.

Our series of lift assisted trails for riders of all abilities offer the ultimate riding experience.  With a mix of incredible all weather roller coaster trails and some of the best natural Singletrack the UK has to offer, we challenge you to supress the silly grin on your face at the bottom of each run.

Uplift: Our fleet of mini buses will transport you quickly, safely and comfortably to 491m, the top of our mountain, Mynydd Gethin. You will be dropped off at the very top of the hill right next to the start of our trails.  All that remains to do is select your route and whoop and holler your way back to the bottom of the mountain in time to catch the next lift up.

If you would rather not use our uplift and you feel up to the challenge we also have a Singletrack climb so you can pedal your way to the top of the hill before choosing your route down. 


BikePark Wales is a unique mountain biking venue, we were the first place in the UK to have a full time crew looking after our trails and ensuring they are kept in great condition for your riding pleasure. Our business model is to continually re-invest in the park and create new sections of trail for your enjoyment, you should find new additions or changes to ride on every visit.  Your entry fee will help us maintain and grow our trail network for years to come and we are committed to investing every penny (and more!) of the pedal pass fee directly back into trail maintenance and expansion.  Our aim is to always be one of the best mountain biking destinations in the World, a must visit spot for all mountain bikers.  


Working sustainably with the environment
We only have one planet so let's look after it! Less waste, less energy, less impact. We all have a role to play in ensuring a brighter future for the planet and BikePark Wales recognises we have a part to play and we are committed making change.  We are far from perfect but we are driven and focussed and are working towards being carbon neutral by 2025.  We accept this will bring challenges, sacrifices and cost but all the best things in life require some effort right?  We are a proud supporter of Trash Free Trails who share our vision and their work across the country will help to educate and engage others.

Life’s too short, enjoy it
We love life and love living it and encourage those around us to do the same.

Value and respect each other
We value the people we work with and those who visit us, everyone’s needs are different, we are here help you to make your experience the best it can be.

We want to hear it   
Ideas, problems or just a good old pat on the back we want to hear the good the bad and the ugly so just get in touch, we’re not precious and our door is always open!A29

We want BikePark Wales to be part of the wider mountain bike community, we run free and low cost events such as our women's weekend and our Monarch of the Park race series to engage riders, help them make friends and create networks and share good times together.

Passion and Inspiration
We love what we do and have always been driven to create the ultimate riding location, this is ultimately what brings us to work each day. Getting muddy, playing in the woods and building awesome trails is something we have always done and will continue to do as long as we are able.


We have lots of different facilities on site to help your day be as smooth as possible. Car parking is free on site, but you are not permitted to leave your vehicle on site overnight.

To clean up post ride we have showers available (these take a £1 coin), and a bike wash (card operated) for your bike. Unfortunately, due to space on site at the visitors centre, we do not offer lockers.

To keep you fuelled we have a café, to satisfy your retail desires what have a fantastic bike shop and should your bike break on the day, our workshop will do their best get you running again. 

Our visitor welcome team is here to help, so do ask if you need more advice on what we offer.

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