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On-site bike shop

Our on-site bike shop is not just here to make sure you can access any spares you need to keep you riding during your visit, we have one of the best stocked and staffed specialist mountain bike shops in the country.

What we stock

We think it's good to have a strong selection of brands in our shop to get you that kit that you not only feel cofortable in but look the part! That's why we stock a range of brands for you to choose from!

A personal touch

Nothing beats a good old fashioned face to face conversation.  Meeting our customers, being able to read their body language and get a feel for what they really want, finding the right product, in the perfect fit for our customers is what makes us tick.  This is why we don't have a large online store listing endless products with little advice.  Our focus is on carrying what we feel is the best range of equipment available with good stock so you can find your size.  Due to the unique customer base we enjoy at BikePark Wales we are able to really focus on providing products that core mountain bikers want to see, this means our shop is a bit of an Aladdin's cave for the avid rider so watch out, you are sure to find something you want!

Bike sales

If it is a new bike (or an ex demo/rental) bike you are looking for you have come to the right place!  All bikes on the shop floor are available to demo (and we have an incredible selection from Trek, Santa Cruz and Transition) and we love nothing more than spending time with our customers helping them choose the right bike. Checkout our demo centre or call/email for more information

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