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Fast & Efficient Uplift

Fast & Efficient Uplift

Our bus uplift fleet will transport you to the Summit of Myndd Gethin at 491 metres elevation so you can enjoy the amazing variety of world class descending trails we offer.  Simply select the day you wish to visit and follow the simple process to purchase your day pass, we strongly recommend pre-booking as day passes are seldom available on-spec.

By purchasing an uplift day pass (price includes trail access) you have access to the uplift service for the duration of your visit and are able to use the uplift service as many times as you wish, to maximise fun on the trails. Typically, day pass riders are able to complete 10+ runs in a day giving them as much as 3,000 vertical metres of downhill single track heaven. 

If you are unable to pre-book your day pass, you can arrive on a day of your choice and purchase a pedal pass and use the uplift on a pay as you go basis. Please note that pay as you go riders will only be able to get onto the uplift service when a seat becomes available. As a result, waiting times will vary depending on how busy the system is.

Please remember that children aged 15 years and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times (including on the trails and on the uplift). If a booking is made for a person under the age of 16 you must notify BikePark Wales as soon as you book, notifying us of who will be accompanying them. There are no refunds if you turn up alone.

Please note any bike with a tyre wider than 2.75" will not fit onto our uplift trailers. Our trailers have been adapted to take children's bikes with wheels 14 inches in diameter and larger. Please provide a valid mobile phone number when booking as we will need this to contact via mass text you if we have to close the park due to extreme weather conditions

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Day Uplift Mon-Thurs =  £41
Day Uplift Friday = £44
4.5 hour Weekend Session (weekends up to and including 5/6th September) = £37
Day Uplift Weekends & Bank Holidays (from 12th September) = £48
Weekend Uplift Pass (from 12th September) = £92
  • The above prices include your £14 trail access fee
  • *Please note: The prices above have been amended to reflect increased safety measures and reduced capacities during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic the pay as you go uplift provision is temporarily suspended

Face coverings will be mandatory in the uplift vehicle at all times during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic we will be running two 4.5 hour (as opposed to the standard single 6 hour) uplift sessions on weekends until the weekend of 5th/6th September.  This will mean we can keep the number of riders using the uplift at any one time low and manageable yet provide an opportunity for more riders to get their uplift fix.  The AM sessions will begin at 09:00 and the PM sessions at 14:30. We have strict social distancing and hygeine measures in place throughout the pandemic and face coverings will be mandatory on the uplift vehicles, you can find out more here. The uplift will be running at significantly reduced capacity at all times to allow for social distancing.

Operating Hours

Mon-Fri = 10:00-16:00

Sat & Sun (Up to 6th September) = am sessions 09:00-13:30 pm sessions 14:30-19:00

Sat & Sun (Sept 12th onwards) = 10:00-16:00


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