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Frequently asked questions

What do the red and amber weather warnings mean?

BikePark Wales have now implemented a weather warning procedure that you can view online. All riders should look at the homepage of the BPW website prior to setting out to see if there are any weather warnings in place:

Amber: BikePark Wales intends to open but there is a high likelihood of bad weather which could potentially disrupt your visit. An amber light means you need to be prepared that some trails may be closed as a safety precaution, and that the uplift could be affected - if the weather worsens the park may need to shut. During amber warnings visitors may request to move their booking to another available date at no cost should they wish to. Requests to move bookings are to be made by email to reception@bikeparkwales.com noting your order reference number.

Red: Extreme weather is expected and the trail network and uplift will be closed. If the traffic light system shows Red for the current / following day, all customers who have pre-booked can choose to either receive a refund or to move their booking to another available date via the reception team. If there is a red weather warning please do not come to BikePark Wales. To arrange to move your booking to a different date or for a refund please e-mail reception@bikeparkwales.com - noting your order reference number."

How do I get a refund?

Log into your secure members area and follow the steps for a refund and please be aware terms and conditions apply.

Is there a minimum age to ride at BPW?

The only situation where we apply a minimum age is on our Ticket to Ride beginner experience where riders must be 10 years or older.  For general riding of the park it is the responsibility of the guardian to determine if a young rider is capable to ride the trails, we have many 6 year olds who rip on our advanced trails and 40 year olds that don't!  

All riders under 10 years old can access a free pedal pass with a paying adult and receive discounted pay as you go uplift rates

All riders 15 years old and under must be accompanied by a guardian at all times

Can I use the uplift to access the hill without a bike?

Yes! We welcome walkers to come and enjoy the mountain and you can use the uplift service to access the summit.  Your best option is to purchase a single pay as you go uplift ride at the uplift pickup point. The Bridleways forest tracks and footpaths on the hill are free to access, enjoy!

Do Children's bikes fit on the uplift trailer?

Yes! Children's bikes with wheels 14 inches in diameter or larger will fit on the trailer. Remember 15 and unders require a guardian to ride with them

Can I use a towing device to tow my child up the climb?

Yes, you can use a safe device to winch your little ones to the top but please use the Beast of Burden climb, the uplift road is busy with our uplift buses and other forestry vehicles.

Can I use a child's seat/carrying device?

Unfortunately not.  We have tested all the best devices on the market with our own children and although they are awesome fun, we don't feel our trails are the right place for them.

Can i ride whilst pregnant?

The NHS reccomends that exercises that have a risk of falling should only be done with caution.  We advise that you consult your midwife for advice

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do, they can be redeemed against all purchases through our website.  You can purchase them here

Can I bring groups to BPW and guide them?

BikePark Wales do not allow commercial guiding on site, however, if you are organising a group and would like guiding please contact reception@bikeparkwales.com 

Can I ride an E-bike at BikePark Wales?

Yes E-bikes are welcome on the trails so long as they meet Eu directive EN151194.  E-bike used at BPW must:

- Be fitted with a motor with a power of no more than 250w
- Provide a maximum assisted speed (i.e. the speed at which motor assistance is automatically cut off) of no more than 25 kmph (roughly 15.5 mph).
- Not be fitted with a full speed throttle that can work ‘independently’ (that is without the pedals ‘moving forward’). Start Up Assist throttles (those that assist up to 6 km/h) are allowed.

Please note, to ride or rent an E-bike you must be 14 years of age or older by UK law

Why is the day pass fee higher for E-bike riders?

The BikePark Wales model is based on continual reinvestment in the trail network, both maintaining and improving the existing network and building new trails for riders to enjoy.  This reinvestment model is entirely funded by the sale of pedal and uplift passes. 

As E-bikes do not contribute to the uplift revenue (either via PAYG or day pass) a higher fee is required to make the bike park model sustainable and to allow us to continue to maintain and develop this world class facility. 

Why can't I book uplift days further ahead?

We are only able to take bookings up to 3 months in advance - the booking calender will automatically roll over each day. All uplift bookings must be done online - we cant do it for you over the phone.

What are your opening hours?

Please see our contact us page for our summer and winter opening times.

Can I ride outside of hours?
No the site is closed outside of the centre opening hours

What time does the car park Shut?
The car park is shut (and the gate locked) at 7pm in the Summer and 6pm in the Winter

How do I get a season pass
We sell season passes online and at the centre

You need to bring in PHOTO ID even if you have booked online. By booking online you reduce the time it takes to purchase your ticket so we recommend this.

A pass lasts from the date of purchase until the 31st of December of the same year.

Replacement cards are charged for at £5

Do I qualify for a discounted local season pass?
Check it out here to see if you are eligible for a discount:

http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-distance-calculator.htm - this is how we will calculate the 5 miles.

If you live within 5 miles as the crow flies you will be eligible for a discounted season tickets are for the park entrance (not uplift) which last a year. You will need to bring PHOTO ID and a separate proof of address (such as a bill from within the last two months). We will check this in the centre

The pass has to be bought in person, and will last a year from the date of purchase until the 31st of December in the same year. 

Replacement cards are charged for at £5

Do you have any local campsites/B&B/Hotels you can recommend?
All information on accommodation is on our website: www.bikeparkwales.com/accommodation-near-bikepark-wales

How long/ difficult is the Climb?
The climb is 4.6km long, it is steep in a few sections, but otherwise enjoyable (as climbs go). It will take you 20-40 minutes depending how fit you are

Do I need body armour and a full face helmet?
We strongly recommend the use of body armour, goggles and full face helmet

The uplift is full can you squeeze me on? /Do you have a waiting list?
No, unfortunately we do not run a reserves list. Cancelled tickets automatically become available again on the booking calendar, so keep your eyes peeled!  You can also get individual uplift runs on the day but space is not guaranteed.

How many runs will I get in a day on the uplift?
This will depend on how well you time your descents/breaks/lunch, you can get up to 15 runs if you are motivated but most people get about 8-10. The hill and runs are longer than at other centres so you will get plenty of riding time!

My booking confirmation has not come through?
Please check your spam before you email us. If you still can't find it we will resend it to you.

What are the trails like?
We are a Bike Park, and the trails reflect this, a blue here is more technical than an XC Blue. Our trails are best suited to an All Mountain Bike but are still fun to ride on other bikes.

There are a variety of runs from Green to Black, some of the Green and Blue trails may not be as much fun on a downhill bike.

The trails surfaces are loose (we get a lot of grazes) so wear body armour. Surfaces will change with the weather, sometimes that means they are dusty and loose other times slippery and muddy. In particular some of the hand cut Black sections will become extremely challenging, build up to them.

What Trail should I ride first?
Start on Badgers Run (Green) as a warm up and then try out Kermit, our top to bottom Green trail before progressing to Blue trails.   A good bit of local knowledge is to try riding the last half of Norkle as a taster for what Blue trails are like higher up the mountain.  You can access this by following the sign to "Uplift pick up point" by the visitor centre.  When you reach the end of Norkle and hit the road turn left, then left again and pedal back up the entrance road towards the car park.  If you like Norkle then a pedal to the top of the hill and a ride down Melted Welly, the easier of the two Blues at the top should be next on your list. You will love it!

Can I ride my own hardtail in the park?
Yes you can, but be careful, most accidents happen on hardtails as they are less forgiving. So take it easy.

What bike should I bring?
We think the park is perfect for trail bikes with 140-160mm of travel, but it can also be ridden on XC bikes, hardtails, or DH rigs, we have trails for all bikes

Can I hire bikes on the day?
Yes if we have them, if you want a bike guaranteed we recommend booking in advance

Can you add me to the mailing list?
You can join the mailing list on our home page - www.bikeparkwales.com and click the button that says sign up to newsletter

What about children (UNDER 18)?
Children under 10 years old are free with a full paying adult and under 10's will receive a reduced price per single uplift run. 

Children aged 15 and under must be supervised by a responsible adult (over 18 years) at all times.

All under 18 years old require a guardian to sign their acceptance of risk form

Do you do discounts for Families?

Yes if you are taking part in our Ticket to Ride hosted package and children under 10 years get a free pedal pass when accompanied by a full paying adult.  Under 10's also get a discounted pay as you go uplift rate.

Are dogs allowed at the BikePark?
Dogs are allowed on a lead in the areas around the visitor centre but are not permitted in the centre, on the bike trails with riders or in the buses.

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