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Our Pinners Kids Course is a fun relaxed environment for younger riders (recommended age 10-15 years old however these courses are ability based) to safely progress their mountain biking and the core fundamentals. Understanding core fundamentals that are the foundations of progression will ensure a more rapid rise in ability. Once established these core skills can be developed and applied to more technical trail features.  Children should attend our Rippers Kids Coaching Course before attending this course, unless prior arrangement with one of our coaches. 

Full Face helmets are mandatory. 

Coaching times are as follows;
Morning - Please arrive at 9:00am for a 9.30am start.
Afternoon - Please arrive at 1.00pm for a 1:30pm start

Sessions will last between 3 - 3.5 hours.

Children will receive a pedal pass but will have access to the uplift during the session. 

This course will use our the Red (Advanced) & Black (Expert) trails where suitable for the group, it covers the following technical skills;

  • Body Position
  • Corner with confidence
  • Pump for speed and traction
  • Develop control
  • Ride with confidence
  • Ride steeper terrain
  • Master the 'pop'
  • Manage drops safely

 Additional Info / Typical questions; 

-  How good do attendees have to be?  We welcome all riders but to get the most from the session riders should have a reasonable level of confidence in an off road environment.  Previous trail riding experience is recommended (such as being able to confidently ride down our Red trails Roots Manoevres & A470).

-  What sort of Bike do I need?  Although you do not need a high-end bike it needs to be a good quality mountain bike suitable for the terrain in the park and in good working order. How to ensure the bike is suitable for use at BPW can be found here or alternatively contact our coach (coaching@bikeparkwales.com) who can advise. All bikes should be equipped with Full Suspension & a minimum of 24inch wheels.

-  How fit do attendees need to be? - A reasonable base level of fitness is required but distance is not a big factor in our sessions

-  Can parents watch? - Due to the nature of the trails and coaching it is not possible for parents to stay and watch but it's a good opportunity to ride the Park (subject to buying a day pass) while your young ones are being coached.

-  What Protective gear is recommended? A full face helmet is an essential and mandatory piece of kit.  Gloves and knee pads are highly recommended. Other types of body armour can be used as you see fit although there is a strong emphasis in the session on riding to your ability and staying in control even when applying new techniques to more challenging terrain.

-  What ages is the club suitable for?  The course is recommended for 10-15 year however these courses are ability based but we advise contacting our coach (coaching@bikeparkwales.com) if you are unsure whether this course would be too easy or difficult for your child.  Maximum age of 15.

-  Does the course include uplift? Yes but only whilst on the course.  Children will receive a pedal pass once the course is over.

Below are some guidelines on the difficulty of our courses, it is designed to ensure you do not book on a course that is too difficult for you.

These are the minimum requirements to ensure that the group functions effectively. If your skills are above the minimum requirement you can still book on and learn a lot from a course. For example you may ride black runs weekly but have a skills gap regarding corners. Carving Corners is an intermediate course and is therefore suitable for you as an advanced rider.

Beginner – For riders who are new to mountain biking or wish to learn on our Green trails.
Intermediate – For riders who can ride Blue trails at BikePark Wales. 
Advanced – For riders who can confidently ride Red trails at BikePark Wales. 
Expert – For riders who can confidently ride Black trails at BikePark Wales

If you have any queries regarding this course, please contact our head coach at coaching@bikeparkwales.com

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