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BikePark Wales join forces with Temwa to carbon balance

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BikePark Wales join forces with Temwa to carbon balance

Posted on 22 Feb 2021

Here at BikePark Wales we are excited to announce our new partnership with Temwa to balance C02 emissions across the park!

Climate change is something that none of us can hide from anymore and here at BikePark Wales we are fully committed to becoming the world’s first carbon neutral bike park. Not because we feel we should but because we feel we must and now is the time for action!

In addition to using 100% green energy from Ecotricity BikePark Wales will be balancing all carbon emissions from fossil fuel use across the business. From running our uplift busses to the machinery we use to create our trails. With the help of the team at Temwa we have estimated that the park produces approximately 170 tonnes of C02 per year, all of which will be balance with community led tree plantation, rewilding and sustainable agriculture projects in Malawi.

Jo Hook Managing Director of Temwa added "Temwa is so excited about the Temwa Carbon Balance partnership with BikePark Wales, the team at BikePark Wales really understand the importance of the work Temwa undertakes with it's carbon balance project. It's not just about planting trees, it's about supporting farmers in Northern Malawi to become food secure and generate income for themselves & their families through sustainable agriculture, it's about protecting ancient forests and promoting biodiversity, it's about rewilding a vast area of land, AS WELL AS planting trees. It's wonderful to have an influential organisation like BikePark Wales that fully understands how vital this work is. Globally we are facing a climate crisis, we have to act now, we all have to play our part, whether that is balancing the carbon we use or campaigning and influencing others. It's great to see BikePark Wales taking action."

Getting involved with carbon balancing is far easier than you may think. Not only will customers who purchase a pass from BikePark Wales know they are helping support Temwa, they will also be able to get involved themselves. At the end of every booking made via the BikePark Wales website customers will be able to use the Temwa calculator to see just how much carbon they produce and how much it would cost to balance. It’s far easier, quicker and less expensive than you may think!


We are incredibly proud to be working with Temwa and along with Temwa advocate Laurie Greenland we know that the work Temwa are doing in Malawi is truly changing lives.

We cannot wait to welcome you all back to the park soon!

The BikePark Wales team.


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