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Posted on 30 Apr 2024

A470 Line trail launch – more jumps, more airtime, more fun!

A470 Line – our iconic and most popular jump trail is back OPEN, ready to give you the high-flying thrills and flawless flow you’ve been craving!

The trail crew have been working hard over the winter/spring months, sculpting berms, tables and gaps and constructing the new starting qualifier, which is an artwork in itself!

It’s always a battle with the elements when it comes to trail building and this one was no exception, but what’s been awesome is for the trail crew to see how pumped people are for it. “Loads of riders have been asking us questions when we’re at the top of the hill working on it and checking out what we’re up to. It’s great to hear their excitement and that’s before they’ve even ridden it!” – Duncan Ferris, trail crew lead supervisor and designer.

The red grade jump line has been a big hit since it opened in 2014 and our customers (and staff alike) have been chomping at the bit for it to reopen with its new revamped extension from the summit, making the trail 30% longer. With a new wooden start drop and an exciting section through the woods with 8 new jumps, plus multiple rollers and perhaps the most perfect looking berms in the park, this trail will definitely feed your appetite for big airtime!

Rowan Sorrell, one of the park’s founders and original trail crew builders, has had a huge part to play in the vision of this trail’s extension -
“We are really excited to finally have the A470 Line begin at the top of the mountain. It is where some of our most iconic trails begin and where we’ve wanted the trail to start for some time.

The A470 Line has always started mid-way down the hill accessed via another trail, but through some careful design and planning we’ve finally been able to give the trail the introduction it deserves straight off the main start ramp with an additional length of trail and of course new sections of jumps! 

As part of the project, we are also realigning and building a new top section to an old favourite - Vicious Valley which better fits with the tech style of the rest of that trail. It’s a significant upgrade and extension to A470 Line making what is already one of the most renowned trails in the UK, even more epic.

I can’t wait to ride it, the mix of mid-sized jumps and roller features in the new top section look super fun to ride with jump and manual combinations a plenty, throw in some awesome looking berms and I can see many a party train being lapped out on this when we launch.
And our plans don’t end there, we have more trail builds we are excited to get stuck into over the next year to keep your favourite bike park evolving.”

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bike, gather your friends and get ready to hit the new A470 Line!



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