Gethin Woods, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

Terry's Belly - Update

Posted on 2018-01-17 in Trails

Check out what the Trail Crew have been working on.

As you’ll likely know we’ve previously rebuilt the top and bottom sections of Terry’s Belly and started working on the middle section back in December. Terry’s Belly has been one of our most used trails over the years and had started to look a little tired. Not happy with this the Trail Crew set to on giving it a refresh to restore that super addictive feeling of flow.

So, what exactly does it take to rebuild what on the surface looks to be a fairly small section of trail?

The guys started by working their way down the trail with a mixture of hand tools and small diggers to reshape existing berms and add a few new ones!

Once the base shape is in place it’s time for surfacing, lots of surfacing! In total, this 1.8km section of trail needed over 220 tonnes of stone. 

Once all the required stone had been delivered to site, work started on getting it to the trail. 

The Trail Crew then use wacker plates to initialy compact the surfacing. Once the surfacing is in place all the finishing touches are then done with a load a pride and good quality hand tools.

So, when will it be open? Well, initially we’d planned to have Terrys Belly back open by mid-January. Unfortunately, the Welsh weather had something else in mind and turned the park into something that looked more like a ski centre than a bike park! All hands where needed to clear a large number of fallen trees and a shed load of snow. With the delays from the snow we’re roughly a couple of weeks behind where we wanted to be.

Just from the pictures above it’s safe to say that the Trail Crew have certainly created a masterpiece! As soon as it’s back open we’ll let you all know, we can’t wait to give it a try too!

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