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Ideally suited for relative beginners to bikepark riding, this course will provide you with strong foundations on which to develop your riding to the level you desire. This course will provide you with a frame work of both understanding and ability developing your knowledge of the ‘why to’ not just the ‘how to'. If you are new to the sport our structured coaching will change the way you ride, help you get more from your riding and be a springboard for future progression. (Session is sometimes delivered by a male coach).  

Generally, this course will stay on the Green Beginner trails but may also ride on the Blue Intermediate trails where suitable for the group.

  • Identify and apply best practise
  • Develop and polish core skills
  • Develop your physical skills set
  • Identify and overcome performance cues and understand the psychological skills required

If you are already a mountain biker with 12+ months experience who wants to improve their core skills, we recommend you book onto our Park Improvers course

You need to be 17 years old to attend coaching on your own and must be 14 years or older if accompanied by an adult (The accompanying adult must also be booked onto the same course). Private bookings for younger children can be arranged.

Below are some guidelines on the difficulty of our courses, it is designed to ensure you do not book on a course that is too difficult for you.

These are the minimum requirements to ensure that the group functions effectively. If your skills are above the minimum requirement you can still book on and learn a lot from a course. For example you may ride black runs weekly but have a skills gap regarding corners. Carving Corners is an intermediate course and is therefore suitable for you as an advanced rider.

Beginner – For riders who are new to mountain biking or wish to learn on our Green trails.
Intermediate – For riders who can ride Blue trails at BikePark Wales. 
Advanced – For riders who can confidently ride Red trails at BikePark Wales. 
Expert – For riders who can confidently ride Black trails at BikePark Wales

If you are unsure whether this course is for you please contact our head coach at coaching@bikeparkwales.com

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