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Uplift ticket trial - More info

Posted on 2018-04-16 in General

A couple of weeks back we announced some of the exciting plans that we have for the future of the park, all of which are designed to provide an even better experience here at BPW. In this announcement we mentioned that we’d be trying out a new ticketing system for the uplift.

As many of you will be aware there are currently two ways to use the uplift at BPW, pre booked priority passes and the PAYG multi ride card system. The aim of the multi ride card was to add some flexibility and allow riders to turn up on the day and get a few runs on the uplift as it can be difficult to pre-book a day pass during busy months. Initially the system worked well but more recently a growing number of PAYG customers have not been experiencing the great service that we strive to deliver.

We have been analysing the uplift for over a year and worked through multiple different scenarios with the aim of providing a ticketing system that works for as many of our customers as possible.  The outcome is that as of the 1st of May we will be removing the multi ride card from service….Before you panic please continue reading and we’ll explain exactly what this means and how we believe it’s a good thing for everyone!

We are aware that not everyone is able to, or wants to pre book their uplift pass in advance and that not everyone has a full day to spare to ride. With this in mind we will be introducing morning and afternoon half day passes that can only be purchased at reception on the day, there will be no online booking option for these passes. The number of half day tickets will be limited which allows us to have ultimate control of how many riders are using the uplift on a given day and avoid the long PAYG queues that have happened in the past on some very busy days.  Half day pass holders will stand in the same priority queue as pre booked day pass riders so no more annoying long waits to try and fill empty spaces on a bus.

We believe we’ve come up with a system that means every customer who has paid to use the uplift will get great service and a maximum number of runs on the hill.  We’ve tried to accommodate all user groups in our decision and feel this system suits the greatest number of riders.  Couple this with our newly widened road and our soon to be announced secret vehicle and we know we will be offering a better service than ever before.

Below are a few answers to questions that will no doubt be frequently asked to help everyone understand the new ticketing system

What does this mean for my old multi ride card with runs still on it?

Multi ride cards will be valid until the 31st of July 2018 and can be exchanged or discounted toward a half day pass or pedal pass beyond that date.

What about season pass holders?

Season pass holders will receive a £5 discount on the half day uplift pass.

What about priority and non-priority queuing?

The two queues will be condensed into one single queue of day pass holders and half day pass holders.    Until July 31st any remaining PAYG cards out in the “wild” will remain in the secondary queue, after that date the non-priority queue will no longer exist.

If I buy a half day pass can I pedal for the other half of the day?

Yes of course, half day uplift passes include a full day pedal pass

What times are the morning and afternoon sessions?

Summer:  Morning - 9.30 to 12.30  Afternoon - 1.30 to 4.30

Winter: Morning - 9 to 12 Afternoon - 1 to 4

How much will half day passes cost?

£28 weekdays

£30 weekends

Remember, this includes your full day pedal pass!

The new system will take effect on May 1st and we will be closely monitoring the uplift, we are confident this will result in a faster service and more runs on the trails for more riders.

Happy trails!

The BikePark Wales team.

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