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Save The Day Products - Now Available!

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Save The Day Products - Now Available!

Posted on 22 May 2024

When we partnered with RockShox, one of the coolest ideas we decided to collaborate on was our Save The Day products, which are now LIVE and ready to go!

Save The Day products are there to do just that! Keep you riding when the unthinkable happens, your fork or shock fails. We’ve all been there, and it sucks! You’ve just spent your hard earned cash on an uplift and now your bike is broken and you can’t ride… Or can’t you?!

Now, with Save The Day, you can come and see our mechanics at the workshop where they have a variety of RockShox forks and shocks available to swap onto your steed to keep you going ‘till the end of the day. 

And the best bit, it’s absolutely free!! All we need is a pre-authorised deposit of £150, this is just to cover us if you were to damage the product you have borrowed, you then get to ride it for the rest of the day, ensuring to bring it back before 30 minutes after the last uplift, clean and undamaged and you will get your deposit back.

This service is for riders with any suspension, it doesn’t matter what brand you ride. We will do our utmost to squeeze you into the workshop schedule and get you back up and running ASAP! We ask that you remain in the spirit of the programme and don’t take liberties, we want this to be in place for a long time to help riders in need.  Save the Day is for riders whose bikes break while riding here at the park so please don’t turn up with a ruined bike expecting an upgrade.

 Save The Day products, now available at BikePark Wales! We hope you never have to make use of it, but knowing it’s there is surely a weight off your mind!

Big shout out to our friends at RockShox for helping make this happen

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