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Riding Winter, always dreaming of Summer

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Riding Winter, always dreaming of Summer

Posted on 21 Feb 2019

With Spring just around the corner here at the park, it looks like all those Winter rides are starting to pay off!  All too often we mountain bikers are met with the reality of the weather. Dreaming of Summer trails but just getting out there and making the best of it, come snow, rain or night fall.

Truth be told, when we came to film the winter section of this edit just a couple of weeks ago we never planned to film in the snow. On the day we had a bit of a surprise when we got to the top and found that everything was totally covered in a beautiful white layer. Undeterred, local riders Leo Sandler, Taylor Vernon and Joe Parfitt jumped straight in and sent everything as if it was just another normal day of riding.

It’s been a busy winter for the team here at BPW with lots of behind the scenes work going on ready for our best year yet. We for one cannot wait for the summer rides to kick in, we’ve got a whole host of exciting new developments for you ranging from new trails to an overhauled cafe, a smoother, wider road and some brand new events.

From all of the team here at BPW we hope you enjoyed the edit as much as we enjoyed making it and hopefully we’ll see you on the trails soon, whatever the weather!

P.S Yes the park was open to the public when we filmed the snow scenes!


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