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Legends edit with Steve Peat, Rob Warner, Will Longden and Nigel Page

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Legends edit with Steve Peat, Rob Warner, Will Longden and Nigel Page

Posted on 24 Feb 2020

Please note the following video contains references to performance enhancing drug use, questionable use of the world schralp, childish behaviour and an unbleepable use of the F word… Peaty’s bar tab emptied the marketing budget so we couldn’t afford to bleep all the swearing.

Here at BPW we like to create a video edit each year to showcase the variety of riding we are lucky to have and to capture the thrill of riding with your mates.  Over the years we’ve filmed with some of the world’s best mountain bike athletes, Loic Bruni, Tahnee Seagrave, Laurrie Greenland, Andreu Lacondeguy to name a few.  Each year it gets harder and harder to trump the previous year and come up with something fresh but this year we have truly outdone ourselves, we have selected four of the finest male specimens ever to have graced two wheels, these athletes are at the pinnacle of performance, the top of their game, their lifestyle is dedicated to speed..

Rob Warner  ‘Lord Warner’ -  Henley on Thames born and bred, if he’s not sipping expensive champagne at the Henley Royal Regatta you’ll find him here at the park getting some practice runs in. Despite entering his 50s and being ridiculously stiff on a bike Rob can still hustle with the best of them!

Steve Peat  ‘Sheffield Steel’ – No introductions needed, Steve has officially completed mountain biking! Now enjoying life, riding with mates and drinking beer.

Will Longden  ‘Will the Thrill’ – The silent assassin of the legends, Will lets his riding do the talking. Best known for thrilling the crowd with his creative line choice and pioneering the front wheel schralp.

Nigel Page ‘No Wage Page’ – Not to be confused with the £56 million pound EuroMillions lottery winner. No Wage Page is a cheeky scouser who spends his days managing the CRC team. Tirelessly working and despite the rumours, never riding his bike!

Fast forward 20 years and what we have is a bunch of 40 something (is Warner actually 50?!) legends who have achieved everything there is to achieve in mountain biking, between them they’ve won it all but these days the focus is on riding for the good times not the race times!

We had a great time filming this edit and it highlighted that simply getting a group of mates together and going for a ride is what it’s all about, no matter who you are. Hopefully you agree and we’ll see you at the park soon.



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