Gethin Woods, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales

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Looking to try the absolute best mountain bike products on the market before you make a purchase?

BikePark Wales have teamed up with Fox/Mojo in order to offer you the UK’s premier MTB test centre.

We will fit the suspension of your choice to your own bike so you can then test on our trails all day long. We have a variety of different specs and options and our staff are trained to help you choose the correct product for you.

What better place to try before you buy. We have every kind of terrain you can think of here at BPW (dust not guaranteed!) so you can rigorously test the very best products available and make an informed buying decision

Demo Bikes

BikePark Wales

Trying to decide what bike is the best for you? In addition to our expert advice we also stock a range of demo bikes to help you decide. After all, what better way to decide what bike to buy that to demo them on the very best trails in the UK!

When you demo our bikes, we’ll make sure they are perfectly set up for you and help you make any adjustments throughout the day. If you're trying to decide between more than one bike you can demo more than one bike in the same day.

The price to demo a bike or bikes is £100 per day*, and includes a pedal pass.
*Payment to be made on arrival at the bike shop.
*The cost is fully refundable upon purchasing a bike from BikePark Wales.


Fox Suspension

BikePark Wales

In partnership with Mojo we bring you the UK’s ultimate Fox demo centre. Our staff are extensively trained by Mojo to advise on suspension setup and servicing. We have a great range of Fox forks and shocks available to demo. Suspension can be a confusing business, remove any doubt by testing the product and getting your setting right before you buy.

The trails at BikePark Wales offer an excellent suspension testing ground, Mojo use our trails themselves to test and dial their own settings so what better place to test your next purchase?

The price to demo a set Fox forks or a Fox rear shock is £50 per day* (£75 for fork and shock together).
*Payment to be made on arrival at the bike shop.
*The cost is fully refundable upon purchasing a set of Fox forks or shock from BikePark Wales.

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