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Coronavirus FAQ's

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Coronavirus FAQ's

Posted on 04 Mar 2021

Coronavirus FAQ’s 04/03/2021

The Coronavirus situation in Wales has been looking more positive in recent weeks and we look forward to what will hopefully be a brighter spring.  It has been a challenging time here at BPW, like many small business the impact of the closures has been crushing for us but we have used the time wisely and are very excited to share our newly refreshed site with riders soon.  With continual rolling closures, suspended bookings etc there are understandably many questions so we felt it would be useful to put together some FAQ’s so you can access the info you need quickly and easily.

When will the park open?

UPDATED 12/03/21:

The latest announcement from Welsh Government gave guidance on what businesses will be able to open up to the 12th April.  BikePark Wales is considered an outdoor attraction by Welsh government and our sector has not yet been given a date for reopening.  Because of this we have now suspended all bookings up to the end of April and we are not taking any new bookings until more clarity is provided by the Welsh government.  Once we have a proposed opening date we will allow everyone who has a suspended booking a period to move their booking before we open up bookings to the general public.  

I have a booking that has been suspended, how do I move it?

This is really simple.  Visit the BPW website, login to your account and you will see your booking held as “suspended” if it is for a date that we have confirmed we will not be open (currently up to the end of April).  You can select your booking and move it to an available date yourself.  Note you can only change your booking to the same day of the week (e.g Friday to a Friday, weekend to a weekend).

Note: As all bookings are currently closed you will not be able to select a new date until we make bookings available again.  You will be contacted via e-mail when this happens and customers with suspended bookings will be able to choose their preferred dates before bookings go live to the public. 

I have a booking for a future date but it hasn’t been suspended, do I need to do anything?

No, if it becomes apparent we will not be open on the date of your booking we will suspend it, this will trigger an email to you informing you that you can login and move it to another date.  We will endeavour to suspend bookings no less than 2 weeks before the date of visit.  Currently bookings in May and June are not suspended as we hope to be open by then. 

I have a suspended booking for a 6 hour uplift session but the date I want to move to is running 2 X 4.5 hour sessions?  What happens with the price difference?

When you login and move your booking you will automatically trigger the issue of a gift voucher for the price difference.  For example, if you held a booking for 2 X Saturday 6 hour sessions (£48 each) and you moved to a Saturday with 2 X 4.5 hour sessions (£37) you will automatically receive an e-mail with £22 of gift vouchers attached to make up the difference.

The 4.5 hour sessions were really popular in 2021, they offer a really solid amount of uplift time (4.5 hours without stopping is a lot!) and include pedal access to the park for the whole day so you can enjoy a few relaxed pedal ups before or after your uplift and take some time to enjoy our new terrace without the pressure of needing to get back to the uplift.

What is happening with 2020 season passes?

All 2020 season pass holders will get an automatic extension to their pass.  The bike park was closed for 6 months in 2020 so 2020 season pass holders will get an automatic extension for 6 months from the date BPW reopens

Those who purchased half year season passes (valid from July 1st) will get an extension of 2.5 months to cover the closure period in the second half of 2020

What about 2021 season passes?

We will pro rate the cost of a 2021 season pass to reflect the number of valid months from the date we reopen


We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and patience.  We are doing our very best to treat our customers with care and to look after your interests by being as fair as we possibly can be, thank you and see you on the trails soon!


The BPW team


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