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Coaching Day with Katy Curd

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Coaching Day with Katy Curd

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We are delighted to team up with Katy to offer a unique full day guest coaching package with a bespoke session built by Katy utilising the trail network, uplift and facilities here at the park.

Katy “Taking advantage of the set up at BikePark Wales will help build on your fundamental skills and take your riding to the next level. We look at the simple skillsets needed on every trail that will keep you flowing with confidence. The park can be fast and rough so creating a unique session that will help you stay calm and focused will help you transfer techniques learned to flowing sweet singletracks or the roughest of trails.  

We look at how the smallest of changes can make a huge difference to your riding and have you floating down the trails with effortless flow. Learn how to refine your skills specific to your style to bring that consistency to your riding. This course will help you progress on the day but more importantly give you the knowledge to continually develop your riding for years after the session.” 

The course will be held on a mixture of blue, red and black trails and each course may vary depending on the group booked on for the day.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from star coach, incredible rider and all round inspirational human Katy Curd on the UK’s most diverse selection of trails.  During this intimate session Katy will help you elevate your riding to the next level in a controlled and expert way making this a fun and educational day not to be missed. 

Course Content

Pumping – Unlock any trail by learning how and where to pump to build speed and main flow.
Braking – Slow down to speed up, learn how effective braking techniques can help us develop our speed whilst feeling calm and controlled.
Technical Features - Keep calm, stay smooth and learn to let the bike float over the rough ground with minimal effort.
Line Choice – Link the trail together and learn how the art of line choice can change a trail to make it work for you.
Riding at speed – Ride faster with less effort and learn where to brake and where to let go, we help you push your speed with complete control.
Drops – Master drops with confidence and complete control. Drops are the key to opening up more trails at any trail centre or bike park.

Course Details:

Date: Oct 7 2022
Itinerary: 10-4 with one hour lunch break
Uplift included
Hot lunch and drinks included
Free set of ODI grips included for each attending rider

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Cost: £240.00

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