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Welsh weekend of adventure

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Welsh weekend of adventure

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02-04-2016 - 03-04-2016

BikePark Wales and Antur Stiniog weekend of adventure #walesadventure#findyourepic

As part of the Welsh year of adventure Visit Wales are promoting a weekend of adventure on the 2nd/3rd April 2016.  BikePark Wales and Antur Stiniog would like to partner to create a challenge for mountain bikers visiting Wales.  BikePark Wales and Antur Stiniog are both world class mountain biking facilities offering a range of uplifted mountain biking trails to avid riders.

BikePark Wales is situated in the South of Wales in Merthyr Tydfil, just 20 minutes North of Cardiff and on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park.  Antur Stiniog is 129 miles North West of BikePark Wales in Blaenau Ffestiniog, within Snowdonia National Park.  The drive between the two centres takes you right through the heart of Wales and through two of the UK’s most beautiful and unspoilt National parks. 

In the spirit of the Welsh year of Adventure BikePark Wales and Antur Stiniog would like to set a challenge to mountain bikers visiting Wales during the great weekend of adventure on April 2nd/3rd 2016.  Any riders who can prove that they have ridden at both centres during the weekend of adventure and taken the incredible route between the two sites will get a free T-shirt.  Anyone who can prove they travelled by public transport will also get a free coffee and a piece of cake and anyone who is brave (crazy?) enough to prove that they have pedalled under their own steam and ridden at both centres during the weekend of adventure will get a T-shirt, cake and coffee AND a free season pass for BikePark Wales.

Riding these two iconic destinations, crossing Wales and taking in two beautiful National Parks is bound to be a true adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime.  Why not organise a group of mates, get booked in to ride at the two centres and have yourself an epic adventure?

Keep us posted on your trip via social media #WalesAdventure#Bikeparkwales#anturstiniog


Riders will need their day ride passes with valid dates as proof of their ride at each centre

Prizes can be claimed on the Sunday only at the second destination of the visit

Riders finishing their trip at BikePark Wales will get a BikePark Wales T-shirt, riders finishing their trip at Antur Stiniog will get an Antur Stniog T-shirt

Proof of public transportation in the form of train or bus tickets covering the whole route are required

Valid GPS tracking data to show pedal powered transport between the two sites is sufficient proof of a human powered journey between the sites.

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