Difficulty - Beginner        Distance - 5km


Kermit is the best place to start your Bikepark Wales journey, this 5KM long singletrack trail is like nothing else in the world that we have encountered.  The trail has been built to deliver all of the thrills experienced mountain bikers enjoy, from bermed corners to rock slabs, roller coaster sections and exhillerating tree-lined flow sections but the design allows speed to always be controlled even for novice riders.  The trail is all-weather and is actually grippier when it's wet and we guarantee this taste of the thrill mountain biking can deliver will have you hooked.

More experienced riders shouldn't miss out on Kermit either, 5KM of true singletrack flow taking you through varied and beautiful forest is a great way to enjoy a mellow run down the hill

Note: Slower riders have priority on Kermit. Always be courteous to fellow riders