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Trek Remedy 9.9 Review

Posted on Wed, 1 Feb, 2017 in General

The ultimate trail bike?

We all know that bikes at this level often receive amazing feedback and can sometimes leave you thinking ‘I should hope so for that price!’

On paper the Remedy 9.9 could easily fall into that category with a £5700 price tag, it has a lot to live up to! Clearly there is only one way to work out if it’s all its made out to be…. If only we had a selection of world class trails nearby that we could test it on!

We sent our in-house tester up the hill to put the 9.9 through its paces.

“Having spent over a year on the 2016 Slash I was excited to see how the new Remedy would perform. This 9.9 RSL version is as close to a replacement for the Slash 9.9 as there is in the 2017 Trek line. On paper things look good, a lower BB, longer front centre and a Reaktiv shock which felt great on last year’s Remedy. At just 5ft 8" I'm by no means tall but the large 19.5" was the best choice for me and fits fantastically. Taller riders may want to swap for a slightly longer dropper but for my stubby legs the 125mm drop post was spot on.

Out on the trail this bike is an absolute blast and is right up there with the best bikes I have ever ridden. It's extremely playful yet very stable at high speed. The suspension somehow manages to blend a fun "poppy" feel with a supple and planted rear that gives great traction and stability on rough terrain. Of real note on this bike was the complete package, there isn't one part I would need to change, even handlebar width and stem length felt spot on. Ok if I need to choose something I didn't love the grips, but that's no biggie.

All in, I'd say the Remedy is a massive step forwards, I'd swap it for my 2016 Slash tomorrow if I could. Bravo Trek!”

(RE:aktiv rear shock helps give the 9.9 that mix of playfulness and stability)

(New Bontrager Line dropper post is sleek and super smooth)

(Knock Block headset means a super stiff Straight Shot downtube can be fitted without interference from the fork crown)

We came to a unanimous conclusion, the 9.9 is an absolute blast to ride and can handle anything that its dealt. From all day xc rides to days of smashing downhill runs, it takes it all in its stride and begs for more!

Another thing worth a mention is that even if this bike doesn’t fit into you price range the Remedy range start from £2100 and share many of the features that the 9.9 boasts. We currently have a full range of Remedy 7 hire bikes available and are currently building custom Remedy 9RSL’s that will be available for hire soon, so come and give them a try for yourself!

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